keymap issue ?

zebul666 zebul666 at
Thu Mar 4 10:33:56 PST 2004


i have just booted on my freshly installed lfs-5.0.

I have just changed in two points from the book
grub 0.94 with splashimage patch found in lfs.patches
and installed a 2.4.25 kernel instead of the 2.4.22 but keep the 2.4.22 

the little problem is :

i have done
#ln -s i386/azerty/ /usr/share/kbd/keymap/

and create a setfont script a carbon copy of loadkeys script that 
contains setfont lat0-16 -m 8859-1

when i stroke the 2/é key on the login prompt, i have the é symbol.
but when i have logged in and when i stroke that key i have a i not a é.
and all the accent key are gone !!

Why is it good at the login prompt while it is bad in bash ?

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