unforseen error in /etc/rc.d/rcsysinit.d/S40mountfs!!!!!!

faza faza000 at op.pl
Wed Mar 3 15:19:39 PST 2004

>  Check /etc/passwd in case you mistyped the shell.  The line for root
> should be something like "root:x:0:0:root:/root:/bin/bash" to use bash
> as the shell.  Note there is no space after bash.  Seems a likely
> candidate, because if you don't get the specified shell, your login
> ends.  If that isn't it, we'll have to think again.
> Ken

indeed, it works!!!

like u said it was the space after the "/bin/bash"

thanks alot!!!

so... , my first lfs system , wow at last.
i tought i have to run the whole build again -> (this one took 3 days)

finaly i got some global cosmetic questions:

when the kernel is booting i got this output:

hdb: C/H/S=20510/81/228 from BIOS ignored        <- my lfs disk
hda: no response (status = 0x80), resetting drive    <- my cd-rw drive

also when grub's booting i have to wait about 20 sec until i see the 
grub menu (before ,there was no wait time , grub menu started immediately)

everyhing is working just fine , mounting ,etc. but i just wont to be 
sure, should i be concerned, the BIOS settings r set to auto ,dunno why
the "ignoring bios settings" output?

i got also a lfs book question:

in the command:

   cat > $LFS/etc/group << "EOF"  < the "" in the cmd dont worked

i had to type :

cat > $LFS/etc/group << EOF

and everything was fine
question: is my system so specific , or have i just misunderstod something?

again thanks for solving the probs!!!


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