what does it take?

ilja Ilja at orange.net
Wed Mar 3 09:23:46 PST 2004

Thanks for notifying me about outlook. I should have known.

Strange though about the In-Reply-To. The thing is that I don't reply, I
just start a new message and write in the subject:
RE: ........ (in this case:'Re: what does it take?')
is this a proper way to reply?

I've now explicitly set my message format to plain text in order to see if
it has something to do with that as well.



PS: I've just installed CDE on my LFS (BLFS). Although they strongly
recommended against using CDE on XFree, with some tweaks I had it up and
running very stable. Just the mailer program is still unconfigured. I can
receive mail, but it won't send. I can't configure an SMTP server????

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