BLFS-5.0: Nautilus-2.2.4 installation error.

randhir phagura rsphagura at
Mon Mar 1 19:45:00 PST 2004


Please refer to my previous posting (re-produced in Vol-216, message-9).

>The GNOME_PREFIX has been set to '/usr' and PKG_CONFIG_PATH has been 
>correctly set as explained in the book. As indicated by the output shown 
>above, 'nautilus' is looking for 'eel.2.0.pc'
>This, however, does not figure in the BLFS-5 Book. Nor had I heard of 'eel' 
>package before. Googleeing for it has yeilded the result 'eel-0.1.?' from 
>'freshmeat'. Having extracted this 'eel' package, I find that there is no 
>'configure' file in its directory. Also, I searched for 'eel' in the foster 
>OS (SuSe-8.1) and it is not there in that distribution as well.
>Can someone please help with this? Where can I find 'eel-2.0' or the later 
>version and how to install?

Sorry, I had goofed it. Package 'eel-2.2.4' is already included in BLFS-5.

All the same, those wishing to install GNOME, please be aware that Nautilus 
dependencies (as given in version 5.0 of BLFS) need to be modified. First: 
eel-2.2.4 has to be included as a dependency; second: librsvg-2.2.5 is also 
required by Nautilus. If the Book has been modified already, I am not aware 
of the same.

Sorry for the bother !


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