Grub will not start on lfs 5.1 build

Dan Yao yaohx at
Mon Jun 28 10:37:38 PDT 2004

I built lfs 5.1 on Fedora core 2 host. The host is on hdb9 and the target is
on hdb3.
the boot process is as follows:
(1) NT boot manager on MBR
(2) lfs 5.1 grub is installed on boot sector on hdb3
(3) lfs 5.1 would be booted through NT boot manager as the way my other
linux systems and Windows 2000 on machine, including the host Fedora core 2.

I made Grub boot floppy diskette as described, it contained stage1 and stage
2, stage 1 is in the boot sector on the floppy and followed by stage 2.

but I have the following problems:
(1) Grub boot floppy diskette does not boot, giving me error message
"GRUB Floppy Error"
(2) lfs 5.1 does not boot from NT boot manager, giving me no error message,
but show "GRUB", and then stop there.

It seems that the GRUB has problem due to problem (1).  am I right?

Has anybody had the simliar kind of problem?  Is there any troubleshooting
document except GRUB manual?


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