Konsole not working for users

Andrew Sharp andrew.sharp3 at ntlworld.com
Mon Jun 28 05:47:37 PDT 2004

Dear support,

I have tried to get help from the irc chatroom for a few days without any 
qualified success.

I installed KDE 3.2.0 and found that Konsole worked well in root, but not in 
any user modes. It is a dead window although the tip of the day appears and I 
can open any type of console. However, there is no prompt and the keyboard is 

With some help from Roel on IRC, I have run 'konsole &' in an xterm to get the 
error 'kdecore (KProcess): WARNING: Can't open a pseudo teletype'. Any 
attempt to use the shell gives in xterm 'Uh oh.. can't write data..'

Overnight, I updated KDE libs and base to 3.2.3 in vain and reinstalled Tk, 
Tcl and expect in BLFS (using usr for tools mode), making sure there were no 
problems there. 

How do I solve this problem?

Andrew Sharp

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