James Inge james at inge.org.uk
Sun Jun 27 04:45:26 PDT 2004

Hi there,

I've been trying for some while now to get LFS working on a CATS 
StrongARM 110 box, and not quite got there, probably due to complicated 
problems with the toolchain.  I've been using variations on the LFS 5.x 
instructions.  Rather than describe the errors in detail, I want to 
attack the problem a different way:

Does anyone reading have a LFS system working on an ARM architecture 
If so, exactly which version of the instructions did you follow, and 
what patches, deviations from the instructions, etc. did you have to use?

I am particularly interested in necessary compilation options (I can't 
get many dynamically linked programs working, static is normally OK), 
and anything affecting the core toolchain (binutils, gcc, glibc).  I am 
using kernel 2.4.19-rmk7-nw1 (latest 2.4.x kernel patched for my hardware).

Thanks for your help.

    James Inge

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