First LFS Build - Problem with TCL8.4.6 in LFS 5.1

Joel Miller cheeziologist at
Sat Jun 26 19:39:18 PDT 2004

Shane Johnson wrote:
> I am a first time LFS builder.  I have run through to the point where I
> install TCL and get the error that "NULL" is previously undeclared in
> strstr.o.  I have searched the archives and all I could find is to make
> sure that my /$LFS/lib/gcc-lib/*/*/specs file is correct.  My $LFS
> varible is set to /test.  The specs file reads : /test/lib/

Regardless of your $LFS variable, your specs file should read 
/tools/lib/ as you should have a /tools symlink on your host that 
should point to $LFS/tools which in your case should be /test/tools. 
Please re-read the book as it explains things in more detail. One thing 
to note is that $LFS can be set to anything you want, but don't mess 
around with /tools as it is hardcoded into the specs patch.

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