Quick Question for my first LFS Build

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Jun 21 15:01:57 PDT 2004

Lee Wulff wrote:
> On page 59 of the LFS 5.0 Manual it says to make a symbolic link to
> $LFS/tools. I am not clear on where in the host tree file system this link
> should go? If I logged on as root and followed the steps, the symbolic link
> would end up in the /root directory, and I am not sure if that is where it
> should be. Any help would be appreciated.

Are you certain it creates the symlink in /root? Did you read the
note in the book about reporting this problem before examining
the info page?

If you follow the instructions in the book it should create
the link in root directory of the host system's tree. Something
like this:

tools -> /mnt/lfs/tools

It's crucial the link is in the root of the host system's tree.


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