initrd don't work

Svedese nospam at
Mon Jun 21 05:01:09 PDT 2004

Jim Gifford scrisse:
> What type of hard drive are you using scsi/ide?


> What type of controller?

Via KM400
> Does it show the loading of the driver and that everything is ok?


> I'm using the script on multiple machines from ide to scsi, none of them
> have this issue.
> The one thing that strikes me odd, and is that you have a
> /initrd/lib/modules directory. My script doesn't do this please explain
> it's purpose
> My script doesn't export the PATH either.

it's a my error, is not the original initrd (i had made some try).
The initrd created by your script version 4.04 don't have PATH neither the
dir /lib/modules.

However the error is the same:

Mounting real root dev...
mount:Mounting /dev/hda1 on /new_root failed:No such device or address

I'm using the kernel 2.6.5 from debian; in my system now i have compiled a
minimal kernel with very few modules (it work), for the initrd i have used
the standard debian configuration with the changes requested by your hint
(i have indicated the kernel version).

Maybe some other module must be build in the kernel? I have added the module
via82cxxx to the initrd, the result is the same.

The mount command in the initrd work, i have tried it; the problem is that
the device seems not to exist (ext2, for the initrd, and reiserfs, for the
real root, compiled into the kernel).

Thanks for the support!!

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