SV: SV: Unable to umount /mnt/lfs: Device is busy

Anders Lingfors anders at
Fri Jun 18 08:05:43 PDT 2004

Ran 'cat /proc/mounts', found that dev/pts was mounted under /mnt/lfs, successfully unmounted it, tried to unmount /mnt/lfs again without success.

Only user logged in is the root I logged in with to remove the /mnt/lfs partition... I'm not chroot'ed either... :-/


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Anders Lingfors wrote:

> Well... Most of the installation was made over SSH from another
> computer... However, I am now using directly on the LFS computer, and I
> have logged out and then logged in again, using my new system. The problem
> still remains.
> I guess I have to reboot with the /mnt/lfs still mounted and hope my
> system will not be FUBAR'd, if nobody else can give me more detailed ways
> to troubleshoot...

Have you unmounted /mnt/lfs/proc' ($LFS/proc)?  Also have you mounted
anything else there.  (Try cat /proc/mounts to see what it thinks is

Other that that, exit chroot; make sure that no user is within that area
and it should unmount


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