Do not yet remove the Binutils build and source directories

Will Leslie apatterno at
Thu Jun 17 21:47:03 PDT 2004

Dear subscribers,

I am stumped by an apparent contradiction in the LFS 5.1.1 book in chapter 5. I think probably I am just missing something somewhere.

In Binutils Pass 1, we are told not to remove the Binutils build and source directories.  But then in Binutils Pass 2, we are told to "mkdir ../binutils-build", which already exists, of course.

The same problem surfaces in Chapter 6's installation.  We were told in Chapter 5 to keep the Binutils build and source directories... and now we apparently have to make another binutils-build directory.

I don't know, it seems funny, like maybe the mkdir commands are just mistakes and should be omitted. But I'd rather not risk wasting several hours of compilation to find out.  I must have just overlooked something in the book.  Any help is appreciated.

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