Where can I ask BLFS questions

Richard A Downing FBCS richard at 109bean.org.uk
Wed Jun 16 14:15:53 PDT 2004

Robert Horton wrote:
> On Wednesday, Jun 16, 2004, at 11:59 US/Pacific, Bryan Breen wrote:
>> At 20:36 6/16/04 +0100, Richard A Downing FBCS wrote:
>>> Robert Horton quoth:
>>>> /There are *10* types of people in the world, those that think in
>>>> *binary* and those that don't.
>>> There are also 10 types of people using the LFS lists, those who read
>>> the rules and post in plain text, and those who don't - and use html.
>> Don't forget about line wrapping! (*ducks*the*flames*) :)
> Unless I am missing something, and if I am please forgive me, but the 
> netiquette rules state not to use HTML tags, which I did not do.
> Unless I am mistaken, I have seen other URLs posted on this list, and 
> since the rules also state that any messages with HTML tags go straight 
> to /dev/null, and my email made it too the lists, then I have to assume 
> that my message was indeed ok. Note I am not trying to turn this into a 
> flame war, just making sure anything I did do incorrectly I do not do 
> again.
> Thanks!
> Rob

My mistake Rob.  Because your mail contained xml tags 'excerpt' and 
'italic' (I'm not using > and < chars because the spam filters are 
supposed to hold such mail for moderating - sometime they do, sometimes 
they don't) my Thunderbird rendered it just like html.

I should have checked the source. Sorry.

For some reason Thunderthing also stopped linewrapping at 72 like it has 
been told to.  (and now it's gone back to, too!).  I dunno why that 
happened, Bryan.

Richard A Downing FBCS CITP

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