ReiserFS and Kernel 2.4.26? Compatible?

Kevin Alm kevinalm at
Mon Jun 14 06:10:19 PDT 2004

On Monday 14 June 2004 08:04, The Other wrote:
> Someone a few days ago was talking about problems they were having with
> ReiserFS and LFS 5.1 using the 2.4.26 kernel.
> I also had a problem.  When booting into LFS 5.1, the system was unable to
> check the ReiserFS partitions and didn't mount them.
> This was a spot of bother since I had set up /mnt/lfs to be a ReiserFS
> partition.   (note, I didn't have this problem with the LFS 5.0 system
> using the 2.4.22 kernel.  Everything worked fine.)
> I fixed the problem by rebuilding and using an Ext2 partition for
> /mnt/lfs.  But I had a data partition I left ReiserFS.  As before, it was
> not checked and mounted during boot of LFS 5.1.  So I gave up on ReiserFS
> with the 2.4.26 kernel and reformatted the data partition to Ext2.  When I
> boot now, the data partition is checked and mounted and the data is
> accessible.
> Is this a known problem with the 2.4.26 kernel?
> The Other.

Did you compile in reiser support into the kernel and did you install the 
reiserfs package (for reiser.fsck)?

Kevin Alm

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