Compileing The Kernel

Aron Reid Aron-J-Reid at
Sun Jun 13 09:50:00 PDT 2004

Hello everyone, I was just curious, when you finally get around to compiling
the kernel in the LFS book (Pg. 170 I believe, and this maybe a stupid
questions) however will it be compliant with all x86 systems using the i386
architecture?  I have used several Linux operating systems that had problems
with older technology such as P1/MMX and embedded platforms such as the AMD
Geode / Media GX systems.  Also some embedded Linux RTOS's that I have used
had this same issue and I just wanted to ensure that this build would be
fine with older systems, or if there is a switch to optimize the code for
this systems (or perhaps it does it automatically?).  I do apologize since I
am not very knowledgeable in Linux, I assume since I have gotten Linux to
work on both the MMX and Geode processors that it should work, however I
just wanted to ensure that simply running the commands in this book will
work for all x86 platforms (I'm not trying to compile for anything else such
as 64bit or the other elaborate archs in the kernel)

Thank You All Again;

Aron R.

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