boot scripts

Nathan Coulson conathan at
Tue Jun 8 21:23:54 PDT 2004

> michael wrote:
>> Comparing slackware and LFS ,one cannot but  notice that the changing of
>> permissions on scripts to make them run at boot (making them
>> executable,that is) is much easier than inserting all those symlinks
>> into the various rcx.d .Why is this method favoured on LFS?
> Firstly, all scripts in /etc/rc.d/init.d are executable. They have to be
> in order to run. Secondly, all the symlinks are placed in directories
> corresponding to the runlevel number because that's how Sysvinit works.
> I'm unfamiliar with Slackware's boot process but if they don't have to
> do it like the way we do then the probably aren't using Sysvinit.
> --

I believe slackware uses what is known as BSD style bootscripts.  [runs
scripts, instead of a bunch of files in a directory, I think... (but I
dont know)]

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