can not build glibc

James Inge james at
Tue Jun 8 15:05:48 PDT 2004

Jibin Han wrote:

> Hi,
>   I am following LFS v5.0 on my Mandrake Linux 10.0. I follow the 
> books exactly and now I am stuck at building glibc-2.3.2.
>    First, after run "configure" and "make", I come to run "make check" 
> and met some errors, as the book says I should not care too much at 
> the errors here, but I found that several errors, such as building 
> "stdlib" is of the following error,  "can not find /tools/libc/"
>    For example, in runing the following command, "cd 
> /mnt/lfs/sources/glibc-build/stdlib && gcc -B/tools/bin/ -O -include 
> ../config.h /mnt/lfs/sources/glibc-2.3.2/stdlib/isomac.c -o isomac".
>    then I go to run install, "make install", and it stops at this error,
>    ln:creating symbolic link 'tools/etc/localtimeT' to 
> '../share/zoneinfo/Factory':Permission denied.
>    mv:cannot stat '/tools/etc/localtimeT':no such file.
>    Do you know what's wrong here?
> Thanks!

At a first guess, it looks as though the account you are using to build 
LFS does not have sufficient permissions to write to the /tools 
directory.  That would stop you being able to install any of the 
programs you build.  Check you followed the instructions in Chapter 4 
correctly, and maybe have a look at the man pages for chown and chmod.

If this doesn't help, you'll probably have to give more details.  Cut 
and paste the error messages into your email if you can.


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