[LFS 5.0] first perl compiling : error

sylvax sylvain at nospam.com
Mon Jun 7 06:15:59 PDT 2004

> Right before you configured the package i bet you typed
> echo 'static_ext="10 re Fcntl"' >> hints/linux.sh
> instead of
> echo 'static_ext="IO re Fcntl"' >> hints/linux.sh
> You should've typed the second line. Notice that in the first one there 
> is a one and a zero whereas in the second line there is a capital I and 
> a capital O. It is a common mistake for people reading the PDF version 
> of the book as it evidently isn't very clear in the PDF copy.
> You should remove the perl directory, re-extract the tarball and redo 
> the instructions but make sure you type the line in correctly.
> Hope this helps!

thanks a lot

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