Ronald Hummelink maillist at
Wed Jun 2 16:25:06 PDT 2004

sarahtf wrote:

> I am working through chapter 6 and am up to the Grub install. I have a 
> dual boot win98 and rh9 system currently. Should I actually install 
> Grub on my LFS system or just add an option for LFS to my existing rh9 
> Grub once LFS is ready to roll?
> I am planning on keeping rh9 around at least for awhile. Win98 I am 
> stuck with due to an app I can't get to run under Wine yet.

For now, easiest for you is to boot LFS from your redhat grub. This 
won't cause a problem until you decide to get rid of redhat. And you get 
to keep redhats boot entries for kernel upgrades working...


> Sarah Fish
> Saratoga Springs, NY

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