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Ken Moffat ken at
Wed Jun 2 06:29:00 PDT 2004

On Tue, 1 Jun 2004 karsten.zimmerman at wrote:

> Installed LFS on a few systems succesfully now, and in an effort to
> get to know linux servers better, I'm trying to install it on a Dell
> PowerEdge 4400.  I used Slackware 9.1 as my host dist for installing
> LFS 5.0 Pre 2 with no problems.  However when it comes to compiling
> the correct SCSI / RAID drivers into the kernel, I can't get it to
> load the SCSI / RAID controllers upon boot and it gives me an error
> about not being able to load the root device "sda1"  I tried using the
> slackware kernel for the LFS system, and it boots fine.  However if I
> use the slackware kernel config to try and compile my own kernel for
> LFS, it doesn't load the SCSI / RAID at all.  The slackware kernel
> loads a lot of junk that the system doesn't need, however everytime I
> try to change that config by compiling my own kernel, the SCSI / RAID
> drivers don't load, even though I didn't change anything even remotely
> related to the SCSI / RAID subsystem.  Any thoughts?

 I have very little experience with real SCSI, and none with any sort of
RAID, but maybe the following might provide pointers to you.

 1.  Do you mean LFS 5.0-pre2, or 5.1-pre2 ?  5.1-pre2 is effectively
5.1 so the kernel version should be current enough, 5.0-pre2 is old and
might be a bad kernel for your particular hardware, but if what you are
using is far enough from the mainstream, be prepared to "binary search"
through kernel versions to find what broke (e.g. if 2.4.25 was good and
2.4.26 isn't, try the mid-point of the 2.4.26-pre/-rc series).

 2.  I'm reading that you can't compile _any_ working kernel with the
Slackware config ?  That suggests missing additional patches (probably
less likely with Slackware, but still a possibility), or something else
is wrong.  Which kernel version does Slackware 9.1 ship with ?  If it
isn't what you have built for LFS, try that exact version (temporarily)
to try to narrow down where the problem is.

 3.  SCSI / RAID is a wide area.  I guess you are using hardware RAID,
or else you've got all the necessary software RAID tools because your
Slackware kernel boots your LFS system.

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