initscripts not running on bootup

Nathan Coulson conathan at
Tue Jun 1 22:07:22 PDT 2004

> Miguel Bazdresch wrote:
>> > I have a lfs system that has worked OK for some time, but now when I
>> boot up
>> > after the normal kernel messages init starts in runlevel 3 (the
>> default in
>> > inittab) and then immediately goes to a login prompt.  It never runs
>> the
>> > initscripts.  I am able to login and manually run through the scripts
>> in
>> > rcsysint.d, then run /etc/rc.d/init.d/rc 3 and everything seems to
>> work OK,
>> > with the exception of sshd, which will run in the foreground but not
>> as a
>> > daemon.  Following is my inittab file.  I would appreciate anyones
>> thoughts on
>> > this.  Thanks in advance.
>> Being paranoid, I would first make sure you were not rooted. This could
>> be the result of a (maybe botched) hack attempt or rootkit install.
>> Check your
>> rc function against that of a freshly downloaded bootscript tarball and
>> then run some rootkit checkers.
> Not sure how it happened, but the permissions on /dev/null were all wacky,
> and it wasn't a
> special device.  Resetting it to normal values fixed everything.
> -Bob
> --

try ls --version,  When I had this problem it was because ls did not
understand the -v command, which is used to start the scripts.

(lousy rootkit)

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