Kernel Compiling issues

karsten.zimmerman at karsten.zimmerman at
Tue Jun 1 16:48:52 PDT 2004

Installed LFS on a few systems succesfully now, and in an effort to get to know linux servers better, I'm trying to install it on a Dell PowerEdge 4400.  I used Slackware 9.1 as my host dist for installing LFS 5.0 Pre 2 with no problems.  However when it comes to compiling the correct SCSI / RAID drivers into the kernel, I can't get it to load the SCSI / RAID controllers upon boot and it gives me an error about not being able to load the root device "sda1"  I tried using the slackware kernel for the LFS system, and it boots fine.  However if I use the slackware kernel config to try and compile my own kernel for LFS, it doesn't load the SCSI / RAID at all.  The slackware kernel loads a lot of junk that the system doesn't need, however everytime I try to change that config by compiling my own kernel, the SCSI / RAID drivers don't load, even though I didn't change anything even remotely related to the SCSI / RAID subsystem.  Any thoughts?

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