initrd don't work

Andre nospam at
Tue Jun 1 16:30:34 PDT 2004

Can you list the contents of your initrd.gz, i.e. creating a ram drive and
dd initrd into that, then mount the ram drive and post what it looks like
(including linuxrc)


"Svedese" <nospam at> wrote in message
news:c9i2n2$97i$1 at
> Andre scrisse:
> > 1. if i use the gzip compressed initrd the kernel can't read it
> >
> > can you post the error message and also provide more details on how you
> > created the initrd, i.e. creating the ramdisk, populating it etc.
> is the standard "unable to mount root fs" from the kernel
> >> 3. if i append root=/dev/hda1 the kernel don't read the initrd, if i
> > append
> >> root=/dev/ram0 the kernel don't find init
> >
> > Can you post lilo.conf (if you are using that) or other config file
> i use grub, the configuration is the same found in the hint (i have tried
> also some variation)
> > did you make sure to set these when building the kernel:
> Absolutly, i have compiled it for times.

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