dpkg/apt as package manager over temp lfs system 5.0

Svedese nospam at nonnnonno.it
Tue Jun 1 08:05:36 PDT 2004

Subir pradhanang scrisse:
> Thanks for your suggestion. Did you mean apt 0.5.24 or apt 0.6.24? We
> looked for 0.5.24 but were unable to find that specific version. But we
> did find the experimental version of 0.6.24 and it did work for us.

this is the link (now the version is 0.5.25):


>>  For lfs, are you using the packages from debian?
> No, we are using checkinstall and making debian (.deb) package from
> source. After that we are installing that debian package with dpkg on our
> lfs system for chapter 6.

i'll try it! i don't even know then a so usefull package exist!
Are you building the lfs system in a chroot environment under debian?
I have used mepis (debian based distro, livecd or fast install on hd) to
build lfs.

> Regarding dependencies, that's what we think the real difficulty will be.
> By the way, have you tried it out?? And do you have any suggestions??

Yes, me too.
I'm thinking to start from the debian source, modify the configuration files
in the /debian directory and build the binary package.
For build a debian base system i have used debootstrap, so i have see what
packages are necessary.
After this i would create a simplier package structure for lfs (3-4 packages
from debian -> 1 package for lfs), mainly for the dependecies problem.
The last stage is to use anaconda for debian to install the system.

Maybe we can move the thread to blfs.support?

I don't have much spare time, maibe i must use it also to learn english :-)

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