kernel 2.4.x and NPTL ??

Jan Van Belle Jan.Van_Belle at
Tue Jun 1 03:47:15 PDT 2004

Hello all,

Before I crash my system, a little question.
I've built myself brand new LFS-CVS-HEAD system with kernel 2.6.6 and NPTL.
Works great!

At work, we use clearcase instead of CVS or another derivative. Clearcase is
not open source but has support for its special filesystem under Redhat, on
a 2.4.x kernel (no not on 2.6.6, I already checked ;-) ).

So, my question: since it takes a 2.6.x kernel to compile the LFS-CVS-HEAD
system, will it still work with a 2.4.x kernel?

Kind regards,


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