Network is unreachable

Gökhan IBIS goekhan_ibis at
Wed Jul 21 12:40:20 PDT 2004

--- "H. Wiese" <7.e.Q at> wroted: 
> Did you choose the right network device drivers
> while configuring the kernel?

Yes, I think I did: 

--- "H. Wiese" <7.e.Q at> wroted: 
> has your kernel module autoload support?

Yes, I think it has:

--- "H. Wiese" <7.e.Q at> wroted:  
> Try inserting the module for your eth device
> manually by doing:
> modprobe eth0
> if modprobe tells you any kind of error

there is no error.

--- "H. Wiese" <7.e.Q at> wroted: 
> Check if the kernel can find the right modprobe by
> looking into the file
> /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe

Yes, it can: /sbin/modprobe

--- "H. Wiese" <7.e.Q at> wroted: 
> Is your /etc/modprobe.conf correct?

hmmm, strange...did you mean /etc/modules.conf
I have neither modprobe.conf nor modules.conf which is
mentioned in a few forums I found through google, but
creating a modules.conf with
alias eth0 sis900
doesn't solve the problem.

is there anything I have to do which is not mentioned
in the LFS-5.1.1 book ? 



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