Problem with localnet Script

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Tue Jul 20 06:42:47 PDT 2004

Stephen McCartney wrote:

> I'm using 5.1.1 and haven't deviated from the instructions at all.  When I
> try to boot into the kernel, the localnet service fails to start with the
> error "IP: command not found".  I'm using the standard localnet script that
> is installed by lfs-bootscripts-2.2.1.

But you _have_ deviated from the book, because the LFS-5.1.1 book tells 
you to use lfs-bootscripts-2.1.2, not lfs-bootscripts-2.2.1 (I know, the 
version numbers are similar, but they are not the same thing). The new 
bootscripts package requires packages that are in LFS testing/unstable, 
and won't work on LFS-5.1.1 without changes. You would be best off to 
reinstall the bootscripts using the 2.1.2 version as the book requires.

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