Problem with localnet Script

Stephen McCartney s_mccartney at
Mon Jul 19 06:44:24 PDT 2004

Hi, I've got a problem with my LFS attempt and I can't find a solution for
it in the FAQs, or searching the mailing lists.
I'm using 5.1.1 and haven't deviated from the instructions at all.  When I
try to boot into the kernel, the localnet service fails to start with the
error "IP: command not found".  I'm using the standard localnet script that
is installed by lfs-bootscripts-2.2.1.  It sounds like the IP program should
have been installed by one of the packages.  I've tried 'whereis IP' and
that finds the man pages for IP, but not the program.  Should IP be
available, or is there a problem with the bootscript?
Many Thanks,
Stephen McCartney
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