General Question about recompiling

Miguel Bazdresch lfs-01 at
Mon Jul 19 02:02:51 PDT 2004

* noname <braindead at> [2004-07-19 08:47]:
> Hi i just wanna ask if i can, in generally, recompile the packages from the
> LFS or the BLFS books without having to delete something or doing other
> thinks to prepare the recompiling ?
> Or, to make the question a little bit better, does the recompiling totaly
> overwrite the settings and files wich were created during the first
> compiling ?
> I ask because there are many packages especialy in the BLFS wich have X as
> optional dependencies, like emacs or SDL but i didn't want to install X yet,
> but if i later install X i want to use there special features, so i have to
> recompile them

In most cases you can just re-compile and re-install. The new files will
overwrite the old ones.

The package settings (files on /etc/ and/or $HOME/.package) are
generally not overwritten, although some packages do. To be safe back
them up before installation if you want to keep them.

Miguel Bazdresch

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