Folkloric Approach to Grub

Chuck Rhode crhode at
Sun Jul 18 11:05:37 PDT 2004

Here is an incantation, which is effective against the dreaded "Grub
Read Error" that occurs on strange old machines with funky BIOSes such
as a Dell Inspiron 3200 with Phoenix BIOS and (possibly) a mks2d or
phdisk suspend to disk (s2d or std) partition.

o Start grub (from diskette).

o Issue the root command.

o Issue the setup command.

o Note the install command that setup says it conjured on your behalf.

o Retype the install command manually with a " d " between the stage1
file name and the target drive.

This approach emanates from the following exchanges:

It is, of course, witchcraft, and anyone who forebears to dabble in
the black arts would be better off foregoing the use of Grub on such

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