Problem with getting the LFS source on Harddisc

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Wed Jul 14 09:29:38 PDT 2004

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>Subject: Problem with getting the LFS source on Harddisc
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>Iam trying to install LFS from a bootcd because i just have an empty hd
>without an OS,
>so i downloaded a LFS bootdisc from
>The Problem is that i have the LFS tarballs on my second PC so i burned them
>to another cd,
>i thought that i can umount the LFS bootdisc after initialising, and then
>put the LFS packages cd in and copy the files on hd, but when i try to
>umount the /cdrom i get the message:
>"umount: /cdrom: device is busy".
>The Problem is that i have no other choice as to burn the LFS packages on
>how can i put them on the hd?
>or what should i do?

What I like to do, and works great is the following:
1.	Download the knoppix cd ISO, and burn to CD
2.	Boot knoppix CD, I would boot as: knoppix -s   # this would give you single user mode no KDE, etc..
3.	fdisk the Hard drive properly, (make a partition for knoppix / this will be temporary)
4.	reboot w/ the knoppix cd.  boot as: knoppix tohd=/dev/hdax  (this will load the knoppix OS on the partition as read-only)
5.	reboot /w the knoppix CD.  boot as: knoppix fromhd=/dev/hdax (this will load the knoppix from the hard drive.
6. 	You know can hit eject, and remove the CD, and install your sources CD /w tarballs.  

Hope this helped.

Thank you, and have a great day. 
Nate Vaughn 
DCT Systems Group 

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