Problem with getting the LFS source on Harddisc

Rainer P. Feller Rainer-Peter.Feller at
Tue Jul 13 11:03:40 PDT 2004

On Tue, 13 Jul 2004, noname wrote:

> Hmm.. Ok iam just downloading these BootCD.
> The other BootCD even uses a ramdisc but if i understand you right, the new
> BootCD does not need that the CD is mounted all the time, right ?
> So that i can umount it an put another cd in ?
> sorry about the dump questions but i just wanna feel that i understand you
> right.

Oh someone is downloading that stuff ???

O.K. here we go:

that stuff is highly experimental and usable, if you know what you are
doing, this is some usefull stuff!
the boot-cd is not mounted
don't do everything which is in the docs :-)
this 50mb stuff is just made for you :-)
o.k. I saw you message and did it.

1. at the prompt type
  you should have 256MB ram

2. init is a shell (no job control)

3. after loading you will get a prompt :-)
   /proc is mounted
   /devfs is also mounted

4. know which hardware you have in this thing and load the modules you

5. if you want to do something make FIRST use of openvt
   something like
openvt 2 /mini/bin/bash
   would be a good idea :-) then you could switch to the 2nd vc

6. make your fdisk and mkreiserfs / mkext{2,3} and all this stuff

7. make some dirs to mount your partititions and do it :-)

8. put in your cd, mount it

9. copy the stuff umount cd, change, mount and copy again

10. umount all!!!

11. press reset :-)

which tools are included ?
hm openssh gcc dhcpcd midnightcomander rsync ...
just have a look at /mini
editor is joe, don't ask, I just like it o.k.?

something else?

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