Failure during important glibc make check

Yann GAUTERON linux at
Tue Jul 13 12:01:01 PDT 2004

H. Wiese a écrit :

>I followed every step in the 5.1.1 Book, except that I used /toolchain
>instead of /tools (alterated specs-patch for gcc to use that directory)
>and kernel 2.6.7 instead of 2.4.x.
If you use the 5.1.1 book, don't try to use the kernel 2.6.x as some 
packages needed by this kernel are not present in this distribution. 
Doing so will drive you in a kernel 2.6.x that will probably not boot. 
If you really want a 2.6.x kernel, you will have to deviate quite a lot 
from the book procedure or try to use the testing (6.0) book.

I don't think that changing the /tools directory name has an influence 
if you correctly corrected the path everywhere.

>What caused that failure?
Unfortunatelly, I don't have an answer to your question, yet.


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