GCC-3.3.3 Chapter 6

Gökhan Ibis goekhan_ibis at yahoo.de
Tue Jul 13 05:00:22 PDT 2004

H. Wiese schrieb:
> Did you apply the no_fixincludes patch?
> ***
> patch -Np1 -i ../gcc-3.3.3-no_fixincludes-1.patch
> ***

ok, this was a good hint...
now I have deleted the build and gcc-3.3.3 directories and decompressed 
the tar archieves again...
the problem was that I used the gcc-3.3.3 directory from Chapter 5 where 
we had applied both patches...this time I only applied the 
no-fixincludes-1 patch....
this solved my problem.

thank you for spending time to help me solving the problem !


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