Newbie Question about Formating Partitions

noname braindead at
Sun Jul 11 12:14:46 PDT 2004

I have some small questions:
1. After creating Partitions with cfdisk, is it enought to format these
partitions with:
    mke2fs - for ext2 partitions
    mkfs.ext3 - for ext3 partitions
    mkswap - for swap partitions (and then swapon)
    to use them ?
2. I mentioned that a formating of a partition with mkfs.ext3 is much faster
than formating it
    with the DOS command "format", is this normal ?
3. And i mentioned too, that formating a 600mb swap partition with mkswap
takes more time
    than formating a 8gb ext3 partition with mkfs.ext3, is this normal, or
did i made anything
    wrong ?

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