ethernet support in linux-2.4 for an ibook G4

axel axelDOTazertyA at
Wed Jul 7 12:07:51 PDT 2004

I have an ibook G4 (the new ones, November2003) on which I have built a
LFS system. While running debian with linux 2.6, the driver for ethernet
is "Sun GEM & Apple GMAC support" and works fine.
With LFS and linux 2.4 , the driver should be the same, but while checked,
it doesn' t work. Using the obsolete driver GMAC "(G4/iBook ethernet)
support (OBSOLETE, use Sun GEM)" works.

Is it a problem on my system or a bug in the kernel (I have checked that
.config contains "CONFIG_SUNGEM=y") ?

Thanks in advance.

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