coreutils ch6 test fail (touch can change timestamp for / when non root !!!!)

Meher Khiari meher at
Sat Jan 31 06:45:45 PST 2004

> Meher.
> I _seem_ to have some trouble with Coreutils (Ch.6) as well. Also on RedHat 9.
> While I am looking to see what I may have done wrong and doing a reinstall,
> of Coreutils and two subsequent packages, please tell me what you mean by 
> "pb" in the phrase "I tried to guess the pb."
"pb" = problem

> And, yes, I had one slightly different test result fir gcc, but failed to 
> record it as it seemed insignificant. Maybe the same as you(?)
> Henry

OK, I found out what was the pb :
Before entering the chroot (and even starting with the book), I had to
create the "lfs" mount point (/mnt/lfs). the creation was made by root.
My mistake is that I gave full rights to all the users for /mnt/lfs.
The reason : I already created the lfs user (because I had already the
book in mind) and logged as user lfs to continue with the book and i
wanted to create the /mnt/lfs/sources ; /mnt/lfs/tools and
/mnt/lfs/PACKS (for the packages). The normal way would be to create
these directories as root and give them to user lfs with chown and let
/mnt/lfs with the rights for root.
The strange thing : How can I be so dumb to don't see the rights for the
/ dir at first sight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excuse me (in english :p )
Excusez moi (in french)
Gomenosai (in japanese)
Samihouni (in arabic)

For Henry : On Ch5 : I had 5 Fails for G++ and 10 Fails for GCC
            On Ch6 : I had 1 Fail for G++ and 6 Fails for GCC

I continue on my route and If I have any clue (or if you have any clue,
we can compare our results).
For info : CPU : AMD Athlon XP 2000+
           Mem : 256 DDR SDRAM
           DD  : 80GB UDMA5 7200rpm

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