coreutils ch6 test fail (touch can change timestamp for / when non root !!!!)

Méher Khiari (E-mail) meher at
Sat Jan 31 00:39:35 PST 2004

Hi all
I am testing LFS 5.0 (host RH 9.0)
All went well (although the tests for the gcc was slightly different, but it
don't seem the cause).
The user tests for coreutils fails on touch. I tried to guess the pb and I
was surprised.
I tried to switch manually to user dummy (su dummy), executed "touch /" and
it worked (normally it is a permission denied, but the timestamp was really
the owner of "/" is root and is not writable by anyone else !!
And that's why the test fail !!
I won't let this security pb go !
but I don't have any clue about this !!
does anyone have any idea ?!

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