coreutils ch6 : test fail : touch

Meher Khiari tunix at
Fri Jan 30 10:15:37 PST 2004

Hi all
It is surprising me to see something like that.
On chapter 6, Coreutils, when I launch the user tests, the touch tests
fail !
I tried to investigate the matters.
Changed to dummy user (su dummy)
in /sources/coreutils-5.0/src/ I invoke the newly generated touch to
change the timestamp of "/" (./touch /), surprisingly it work :
The timestamp changed (even if the "/" is owned by root and i was logged
with "dummy" !!!!) and the return value is 0 !!!
I retry with /tools/bin/touch / -> same thing X0
I can't find out what the hell is this ?????
If anyone wants can give a snapshot of the terminal
For information :
RedHat 9.0 as a base system
The same versions of the packages needed by LFS 5.0, the kernel is
2.4.23 (it don't make any difference !)


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