Newbie Question.

Thomas Mubis mubis at
Fri Jan 30 00:52:37 PST 2004


for example the binutils:
in Chapter 5 "Installing Binutils-2.14 - Pass 1" is a warning:
"Do not yet remove the Binutils build and source directories. You will need
them again in their current state a bit further on in this chapter"


K. Mike Bradley wrote:

> This may be a dumb question but I have read and reread instructions and
> don't see the answer clearly.
> In CH 5 we unzip source files and certain source dir we are supposed to
> keep till CH 6 right?
> Question = Which ones ?
> Binutils?
> Linux kernel?
> GCC?
> Glibc?
> Or am I right to assume I should start fresh and un-tar all sources again
> in Ch 6?

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