can i update kernel to 2.6.1

Jochen Schroeder jschrod at
Thu Jan 29 07:24:03 PST 2004

Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Jan 2004, Jochen Schroeder wrote:
>>Updating from a 2.4 kernel to a 2.6 kernel is not trivial. If you don't
>>really know what you are doing stay with the 2.4 kernel at the moment.
>>If you are adventurous follow lfs-hackers for further info o this.
>  Sorry to take issue with you Jochen, but upgrading to a 2.6 kernel on
> an LFS which was built with the headers from a 2.4 kernel _is_ trivial,
> at least for people who have learned to find the documentation and build
> the required dependencies.  My reading of the original post was that
> this was what he'd done.  Whether an early 2.6 kernel works adequately
> is a different question, very much down to the individual hardware (and
> to a small extent the applications), which is what we are seeing here.
>  Now, if you are talking about people trying to build against 2.6 kernel
> headers then I agree 100%.

No offence taken, I just understood the OP post differently then you I 
guess. I understood him the way, that he just saw a newer Kernel then 
2.4 and thought well I just upgrade to this. While this is rather 
trivial for somebody who knows what he's doing, you have to change some 
other things as well (modutils comes to mind). So bottom line, I might 
have misjudged the OPs knowledge, I still think it is recommended to 
follow lfs-hackers when using a 2.6 kernel? I'm a bit on loose ground 
here anyway, because I haven't started trrying all the new fun stuff 
like 2.6 kernel, NPTL. I just don't have time for it ATM :-( so I might 
be a bit overcautious.

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