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Allard Welter allard at
Wed Jan 28 09:57:16 PST 2004

On Wednesday 28 January 2004 01:50, K. Mike Bradley wrote:
> >I hope you understand I didn't mean to offend in anyway.
> How could you ever? How could someone so helpful offend?
> >Besides the ownership Bill mentioned, run ls -l in /bin and see if
> /bin/bash is indeed pointing to /tools/bin/bash
> I get:
> lrwxrwxrwx        1 root    root       14 Jan 18:56 binbash ->
> /tools/binbash
> Is Allright?

Hi, back at home finally, waht a day ... As Edwin pointed out, this is not 
alright. In chapter06/createfiles.html, you either put a forward slash in the 
wrong place or missed it out altogether. I'm guessing you typed
ln -s /tools/bin{bash,cat,pwd,stty} /bin 
               ^^^^^ should be /tools/bin/{ 
and now have the following links in /bin:

binbash -> /tools/binbash
bincat -> /tools/bincat
binpwd -> /tools/binpwd
binstty -> /tools/binstty

If so, remove them all and redo the command above, this time with a forward 
slash. I won't repeat as it is correct in the book. The other three links 
made after the above should be ok? Check them anyway. /usr/bin should contain
perl -> /tools/bin/perl
/usr/lib should contain ->  /tools/lib/
and there should be a link in /bin for sh
sh -> bash

Regards - Allard

allard at

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