Wireless next to normal LAN

Michael Beuse BadBeu at web.de
Wed Jan 28 09:42:04 PST 2004

Hi folks,

got some problem to set up my wireless card next to my ethernet card. 
Okay: It's less a problem more that I dont know, how this works. I wanna 
set up both at the same time. But - the box is a laptop - when I plug 
off my network cable the wireless card shall do the work.
So my questions:
- How do I set up two gateway interfaces?
- How do I set up my wireless card at startup?
	(created a ifconfig.eth2 for it, but which settings does it take  and 
what about the settings iwconfig would handle)
	-> How can I define the ESSID at startup?
		-> Is there a way to define alternative ESSID if one is not available? 
(dont wanna to tell my box: "Connect to everything thats possible!")

That's all at the moment.
Ah, I wanna mention: I have got no problem to set the card up manually. 
Drivers, wireless_tools and hotplug are working fine, so do my cards. I 
really wanna only solutions for my problems described here, not who to 
set up my cards.

Thanks for your help,
	Michael Beuse

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