No such File???

Allard Welter allard at
Tue Jan 27 14:19:40 PST 2004

On Tuesday 27 January 2004 22:14, K. Mike Bradley wrote:
> Do the following:
> readelf -l /tools/bin/bash | grep interpreter the output should be
> Requesting program interpreter: /tools/lib/
> I did indeed get:
> /tools/lib/
> The other possibility is that somehow your chroot command got mucked up in
> some sinister way. For starters, there shouldn't be a bash
> residing in /bin at this stage (which is where MAKEDEV seems to be
> indicating it's finding it).

One slight correction, I'm wrong here as so often, I forgot that some symlinks 
get made in /bin from /tools/bin, including bash.

> You did reenter the chroot environment after sorting your cdrom out didn't
> you??
> I never left it. As I said the PC has been up for two weeks now since I
> started. I never rebooted or logged off. This is my second attempt so I
> have been careful not to miss a single step. When I got your response re:
> the cdrom, I Alt-F2 and logged on as root (I didn't know this was possible
> after the chroot). Copied the MAKEDEV-1-7.bz2 file from the CDROM to the
> source dir and then was able to continue with the instructions by going
> back to Alt-F1 (my original lfs log on where I chroot'ed).
> You indicated you're new at linux - it's an entirely different kettle of
> fish to m-ess. I don't like giving this advice, but for your first time
> install of LFS I would suggest you read every letter of the LFS book and
> follow the instructions also to the letter, double checking each command
> you issue before entering it.
> Exactly. I have looked every command up so I can get them into memory. My
> whole purpose was to learn (as well as ending up with my own build).
> This file "MAKEDEV" is a script? And needs bash (the shell to run)?
> Therefore my error is due to pathing? Or bash not being able to run the
> script in some way.

I hope you understand I didn't mean to offend in anyway. Besides the ownership 
Bill mentioned, run ls -l in /bin and see if /bin/bash is indeed pointing 
to /tools/bin/bash

allard at

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