CDRom Stuck

Ken Moffat ken at
Tue Jan 27 10:30:59 PST 2004

On Tue, 27 Jan 2004, K. Mike Bradley wrote:

> The whole problem was that when I did an "ls -a" while in my "chroot'ed"
> source dir, the MAKEDEV file did not appear.
> Why? I don't know. (all caps?)
> So I assumed I had missed it and tried to see if it was on the CDROM. Or if
> I needed to burn another. Of course the Cdrom was not available in the
> chroot.
> Now that I understand you can still Alt-Fn and log in as root the host
> system ...
> (I thought the chroot got the PC completely out of the host but I guess it
> is just for that user on that VTY?)
> ... I could then see the file when I did "ls -a".

 You're making me confused now :)   The chroot jail only affects the
login where you enter it - this is a multiuser system, any other logins,
even by the same user, aren't affected.  The CD is mounted somewhere
like /mnt/cdrom or /cdrom, I imagine.  You can't see _anything_ on it
because it is hidden from you.  I can't work out how to show it clearly
in ascii art, but your filesystem is an inverted tree.  /mnt/lfs is a
point on that tree, and when you chroot to it only the directories and
files below it are visible.  /mnt/cdrom, /cdrom, /dev/hdc and whatever
are NOT below it, so you can't see them.  After you have made the
devices, you will have your _own_ devices where you could mount things
(don't - you're likely to get hurt until you understand it more).

 What you need to do is copy all of the source over from outside chroot,
either everything together (if you've got the space), or one piece at a

> But on the chroot'ed I can not see it.
> Weird, but I was able to copy the MAKEDEV-1.7.bz2 file as root, then switch
> back, and continue on.
> I had originally unzipped it.
> Hence the book instructions:
> bzcat MAKEDEV-1.7.bz2 > /dev/MAKEDEV
> ... Could not be completed.
> So I am wondering why I can not see this file with ls -a?

 If you are saying you copied it, lost it, and had to copy it again,
then I think you copied it to somewhere else!  Remember that when you
run as root outside of chroot the whole system is at your mercy, so take

This is a job for Riviera Kid!

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