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Ken Moffat ken at
Tue Jan 27 03:07:05 PST 2004

On Mon, 26 Jan 2004, K. Mike Bradley wrote:

> I'm sorry. I didn't explain well.
> The CDRom was mounted when I did the chroot.

 Ok, should not be a problem.  In a session _outside_ chroot, can you
access what is mounted on the cdrom ? (either alt_Fn in a console to
switch sessions, or open another xterm/konsole/whatever if you're
working in X).  If you can, your only problem is that the chroot hides
the mount, so copy it over from outside chroot.

outside chroot the root directory will have something like

/cdrom or /mnt/cdrom

within chroot /mnt/lfs is your '/' and only things mounted beneath that
are visible to you (that's a security feature).

 If you can't access it from outside chroot, and mount shows it is still
mounted, you've got a hardware problem and proceding with lfs is the
least of your worries.

> I am new to linux but I noticed that when a CDROM is mounted the eject
> button does not work until it is unmounted.
> I think that is my problem?

 True.  The kernel will prevent you ejecting it while it is mounted.  If
it isn't accessible in chroot, you could try umounting it outside chroot
and then attempting to eject it.

> I don't want to reboot because I could never get back to where I am.
> I have left the PC (on a UPS) for a week now.

 I still don't see the problem : you've got to the end of chapter 5,
that seems a _very_ convenient place to take a break - it's not as if
you're going to lose anything if you have to power down ?  Not that I
like cutting down on uptime, but if you build LFS you'll have to reboot
to use it.

> I think the MAKEDEV-1.7.bz2 is on the CDROM but I can't mount it.
> Is there a way to mount the CDROM after the chroot?
> Or Download the file using FTP.
> It seems I am in a quasi state where the new root I chroot'ed into is bare
> and unbootable and has no functions (like FTP or cdrom mounting)

 I think you're a bit confused.  Not only is the new chroot unbootable,
it is only marginally built.  But, when you get to the end of LFS you
still won't have ftp - lfs itse;f is _very_ spartan.  That's where BLFS
comes in.  To repeat myself - if your only problem for chapter 6 is that
you put the sources on a CD and it's become invisible now you're in
chroot, copy them over from outside chroot.  Your original post sounded
as if the drive or media were problematic.

 And a point for you to ponder - how will you mount a CD when your new
LFS is finished ?  If you don't know the answer, I think you need to
look at some of the preliminary reading material (hint: you built
/tools/bin/{mount,umount} at the end of chapter 5, and you probably
have man pages for them on your host system).

> I really have no idea how best to solve this problem.

 General rule: one chunk at a time, but first it always helps to be
clear exactly what the problem is :)


This is a job for Riviera Kid!

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