CDRom Stuck

Allard Welter allard at
Tue Jan 27 03:03:46 PST 2004

On Tuesday 27 January 2004 04:38, K. Mike Bradley wrote:
> I'm sorry. I didn't explain well.
> The CDRom was mounted when I did the chroot.
> I am new to linux but I noticed that when a CDROM is mounted the eject
> button does not work until it is unmounted.
> I think that is my problem?
> I don't want to reboot because I could never get back to where I am.
> I have left the PC (on a UPS) for a week now.
> I think the MAKEDEV-1.7.bz2 is on the CDROM but I can't mount it.
> Is there a way to mount the CDROM after the chroot?
> Or Download the file using FTP.
> It seems I am in a quasi state where the new root I chroot'ed into is bare
> and unbootable and has no functions (like FTP or cdrom mounting)
> I really have no idea how best to solve this problem.

I figured tihs might have been a problem after I switched off the CP last 
night. You can simply logout of the chroot environment whenever you want and 
use the same command you used earlier to log in again. If you want to reboot 
your PC, you need to umount /proc and umount devpts before logging out (and 
of course not forget to remount them after logging in again) No information 
will be lost if you do this at any stage in the build between package 

As to your cdrom - you can change to another psuedo-terminal by holding down 
the left alt key and simultaneously pressing one of F1 to F6 keys. Here you 
should encounter a login prompt. Simply login as root and do your stuff.

Finally I'd advise you to do some background reading. It is considered rude to 
top-post see the faq
start here
where you will find this subsection
And some more useful background reading Richard Downing

Regards - Allard.

allard at

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