Boot LFS from compact flash into ramdrive?

BoB dontrspamrmen at
Mon Jan 26 23:03:37 PST 2004


I'm working on building a MAME device from a Mini-ITX M10000 mobo.  I also
plan to tinker with this device a bit.  As a result, I'd like to boot my OS
from a compact flash card.  I have the ATA->CF adapter and have booted a few
images that I've found around.  I know that part's working.

I'd like to boot from the CF card in a read-only fashion, loading an LFS
system to a ramdrive.  Are there any docs that describe this more in depth?
Can someone offer a pointer or some assistance?  FWIW, I already have a dev
box running SuSE, so I'll only be running LFS on the other device.

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