CDRom Stuck

K. Mike Bradley kmb at
Mon Jan 26 19:38:27 PST 2004

I'm sorry. I didn't explain well.
The CDRom was mounted when I did the chroot.
I am new to linux but I noticed that when a CDROM is mounted the eject
button does not work until it is unmounted.
I think that is my problem?
I don't want to reboot because I could never get back to where I am.
I have left the PC (on a UPS) for a week now.

I think the MAKEDEV-1.7.bz2 is on the CDROM but I can't mount it.
Is there a way to mount the CDROM after the chroot?
Or Download the file using FTP.

It seems I am in a quasi state where the new root I chroot'ed into is bare
and unbootable and has no functions (like FTP or cdrom mounting)

I really have no idea how best to solve this problem. 


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On Monday 26 January 2004 20:25, K. Mike Bradley wrote:
> I just got to Chapter 6
> Did chroot, all ok, but ...
> My CDROM is stuck in the damn thing and I can't mount it or get it out 
> to remount the CD with the source files I missed.
> Can't power down now or all will be lost. I would never get my place back.
> Stuck at MAKEDEV ... Waiting patiently.
> {will Gates win in the end???}


This looks like a new thread to me, try posting it as such.

I would follow Ken's advice first, but _as a last resort_ there should be a
little hole at the front of the cdrom drive. Straighten a paperclip and
insert it. This should eject the cd. You possibly don't need the

Regards - Allard

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