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Mon Jan 26 10:05:15 PST 2004

On Mon, 26 Jan 2004, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> julius wrote:
> > need the libc for a 2.88mb floppy, cd boot sector.
> Then you need to look into a alternative, glibc is overkill for that.
> Both dietlibc and uClibc are good candidates. However, do you even need
> a floppy image on the CD at all? I use no-emulation boot CDs all the
> time without a problem, which means no size restrictions on the boot
> files at all.

If he needs to shoot for an "El Torito" spec CD, he would need a boot
image (many older units may support this but not regular bootables?).

Also, having a bootable floppy image does allow one to make a bootable
floppy right off the CD (rawcopy(?) utility) for any units that have no
CD or a unit that can't boot CD at all.


But Kevin does make a good point too. Check Chapter 3 of the BLFS book.
It needs updating, probably, but it can help down the path Kevin
suggests. Also check the various hints that LFS has available. Good
stuff in there too!

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